FurToonia Player Removal Policy

All matters relating to the AUP and MUCK policy should be relayed to Tabyathe, either on FT by page, page #mail or by email. The address for such inquiries is tabyathe@furtoonia.net . Only complaints documented with logs or visible evidence in the database will be addressed. Such evidence should be emailed, along with any explanations, to the address above.

Player requests for @toadings are handled by all wizards. Please make sure you address only one of them regarding your request. Once the request as been made, you have approximately 24 hours to withdraw the request that the character not be deleted. This is a firm policy and will not be altered--too many furs have withdrawn their requests before the end of the waiting period. If, after the waiting period has expired, you still wish to be @toaded, resubmit your request (via page #mail if the wizard you originally asked is not online) and your character will be deleted when the wizard next has time.

When a player is @toaded, any objects, programs and other building they own are @recycled along with the player unless the building is critical to the topology of the MUCK. This process is irreversible and the wizards are unable to magically restore your belongings should you change your mind. Take care to take this into account if and when you decide to leave the MUCK, and learn to use the archive program.

Regarding idle characters: the wizards will be monitoring login status for idle characters approximately every month. Those characters idle more than 90 days will be sent electronic mail notice, unless they have made prior arrangements with the wizardly staff. If this two week notice elapses without response, then the character will be @recycled, with the same rules applying as a normal @toading, however there will not be 24 hours' notice, as 2 weeks' notice obviates the necessity of such a step.

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