Far from here, on distant Earth,
  planet of her humble birth,
  strode a maiden wild and free,
  seeking where she should not be.

  Careless of the risk involved,
  with a problem to be solved,
  grimly smiling, slow to laugh,
  was my darling Tabyathe.

  Who found who cannot be said,
  whether lured or whether led,
  came to her the ancient Childe,
  with need for blood driven wild.

  Losing her mortality,
  her power flared, fiery.
  In the flaming aftermath,
  all that stood was Tabyathe.

  Watching centuries slip by,
  all her loved ones age and die,
  seeing others of her Kind,
  strong in body, weak in mind,
  with no time to hesitate,
  finding a way to cheat fate,
  her soul seeking its own path,
  to the stars fled Tabyathe.

  Waking on this farflung sphere,
  without doubts and free from fear,
  stood a vixen wild and free,
  queen of her realm by the sea.

  In the shadow of my tower,
  sits my dear love, wielding power.
  If you're wise, avoid the wrath
  of my darling Tabyathe.

-- Poem by Kahz

-- Artwork by Slipstream

Golden Love

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