Tabyathe was once mortal and human, she always knew what she wanted to be, a vampire. She was an unattractive human, which her peers never let her forget, but she knew there was more to her than her physical form. At the age of 24 in the Terran year of 515 she got her wish. She found or was found by an Ancient, yet insane, Childe of the Millennia; in a dark alley, she surrendered her mortality to this creature, then the exchange took place and using her powers, she reached out with her mind to find her true form; after she drank of the Ancient One, turning his own powers against him, she saw herself as worthwhile for the first time and set him ablaze. That was her first self-assertive action. Her soul, while not pure, is not overly evil, she can and does maintain a mental guard on herself, to make certain she stays mostly good.

Several centuries passed and she watched her mortal companions age and die and knew that if she didn't find a way to leave Earth, she too, would end up as mad as the being that made her. So, she expanded her essence and left the mortal realm behind to arrive here in a new, regal body, the body of an Anthropomorphic Vixen, a nice compromise of human hands and torso with the muzzle and digitigrade legs of a fox.

Tabyathe is the Lady of Fox Manor, Queen Vampire of FurToonia and mated to the most powerful Wizard in the land, Kahz.

She can be patient, though, it is best not to anger her; you wouldn't like her when she's angry.

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