@Quota Upgrades

Composed 24 Jan 1996 by Ginger

The official policy on @quota upgrades is as follows:


New @quota will not be given for building that is not going to be made public in some way.


As our efforts in expansion should be towards building that all of the MUCK can enjoy, additions in @quota will only be given if you are planning to open your area to the public. Areas being expanded for TinyPlots do qualify as "public", but it is suggested that you @recycle rooms the TP is no longer using, or even use a room morpher, before you ask for more @quota.


New @quota will not be given if you currently have unfinished building, floating or forgotten rooms, a great number of unlinked exits, or otherwise bad building.


The job of a builderwizard is to ensure that public building is up to standard (see news building_code). If you have unfinished building, you should finish it before asking for more rooms to work on. If you have lots of unlinked exits or undesced, floating rooms, you can @recycle them rather than ask for more @quota.


No @quota will be given out if the building involved does not properly utilize the programs available to help reduce @quota-congestion.


Several programs, such as the fake object program, are there for you to help you use fewer real database items and thus help control lag. If you are not using these programs, then you are using more items than you need to be. Of course, this rule does not apply if you do not have any building which could be replaced using the appropriate or available programs.


All the above rules are bendable, given good reason.


Your friendly builderwizard is flexible. Explain why you want something, and we'll see if we can work things out. In general, however, this is only for very extenuating circumstances. Don't count on being able to convince anyone that you need a 3,000 object @quota because your socks don't match.

Please direct @quota requests to the appropriate wizard. Current builderwiz and @quota administer is Calico. You may request more @quota either via direct page or via page #mail, but please include:

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