Welcome to FurToonia

FurToonia is a MUCK running on ft.furtoonia.net 9999 . It is themed to furries, or anthropomorphic animals, and 'toons, and has a thriving anime district. Originally designed back in 1994 around Toon characters and Furry animals, it has grown to become a HUGE world and surrounding Universe (w/ more worlds) with over 2500 characters of every type, over 68000 objects total, and themed areas for every taste.

For those furs that can use java, we've added this thanks to Squirrelly. This will allow connections to the MUCK using a webbrowser.

Wizards - The hardworking furries who keep FT running.
HelpStaff - Even more-hardworking furries who greet and guide those in need.
Policies - Feel like breaking something? Read this first.
Help Files - Don't feel like breaking anything?
Players' homepages - Who are the people in your neighborhood?
Furry Links - Get me off this page!: art, comics, stuff.

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